Threatening banner laid near Rafa Benitez's home as Everton rumours intensify 10 months ago

Threatening banner laid near Rafa Benitez's home as Everton rumours intensify

The banner has been placed near Benitez's home, where he lives with his wife and daughters

A threatening banner has been left near Rafa Benitez's home in Liverpool as rumours of him becoming Everton manager continue to circulate.


Images of the banner have begun to circulate online with people rightly labelling it "sinister" and "disgraceful". Truly football tribalism at its ugliest.


We reported last week that the former Liverpool manager was on the brink of signing for Everton, after reports came in from talkSPORT that a deal was edging closer.

It is now thought that the 61-year-old is just days away from becoming a Toffee - a move which will no doubt upset Scousers on the red half of Merseyside, but that in no way warrants this level of negativity and criminal intimidation.

Benitez lead Liverpool to their iconic Champions League win back in 2005 and is still beloved in the city, however, it is clear that a select few 'fans' aren't able to accept the potential move to Everton as what it is: simply a man in football trying to get his next job.

There is no personal slight intended or question of loyalty that can excuse this abhorrent behaviour. Everton fans have also expressed their distaste at the idea of having a former rival manager join the club, with several left outside Goodison Park, but these have in no way threatened his and his family's safety.


While it may be very apparent that very few on either side particularly want the Spaniard to become the next Everton manager, there is a way to protest and it is never with threats or violence.