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23rd Aug 2015

Steven Gerrard criticises the ‘too much, too soon’ culture within the Premier League

Greed isn't good...


We wonder who he is talking about?

Steven Gerrard is settling in rather nicely to life in Los Angeles, and the Galaxy’s latest megastar has been praising the hunger of the young players he has encountered in Major League Soccer.

MLS salaries for young players start at just $60,000 – that’s yearly, not weekly – and only the very top players in the league can expect to earn more than about $200,000 per annum (Gerrard himself is on a tidy $6.3million).

And the ex-Liverpool star, has suggested that the drive shown by some of his team-mates is in direct contrast to the attitudes of many young players in the Premier League, who perhaps lose their willingness to learn once they become accustomed to the enormous salaries available.

Gerrard was at Anfield last season as the Raheem Sterling saga unfolded, with the 20-year-old winger turning down a £100,000 weekly salary in order to force through his move to Manchester City.