Spanish TV reporter in meltdown after Modric swapped shirts with Mbappe 2 months ago

Spanish TV reporter in meltdown after Modric swapped shirts with Mbappe

Honestly questioning if this programme is just a parody at this point

El Chiringuito is well known for its rather dramatic takes on the world of Real Madrid, most recently their dismay at Kylian Mbappe's decision to snub Los Blancos.


Ever since the Frenchman opted to stay at Paris Saint-Germain everything he has ever done has been criticised. He could probably give all his wages to charity and they'd still find a way to have a go at him.

Now it's reached a point where they're even turning on Madrid players for speaking to him - as was the case with Luka Modric on Monday evening.

Mbappe and Modric went up against each other as France played Croatia in the Nations League


Following France's Nations League defeat to Croatia on Monday, in which Modric scored the winner, the veteran midfielder swapped shirts with Mbappe at full time, the exchange being caught on camera.

Spanish reporter loses his cool at Modric for swapping shirts


That might not seem too much of a problem for most people but if you've seen clips of El Chiringuito before, you know that this is the exact sort of thing that ruffles their feathers.

Reporter, Josep Pedrerol lost his cool in a pretty hilarious meltdown as he slammed Modric for swapping shirts with a man that left Madrid 'stranded.'

"Is what you’re telling me true?!" Pedrerol responded when told the two players exchanged shirts in the tunnel. "Modric has asked for Mbappe’s shirt?! What?!

"But how can he ask Mbappe for his shirt?! The guy who left Real Madrid stranded?!


"Modric is Madridista, Mbappe has laughed at Madridistas and he asks for his shirt?! This is a joke, no?!

"Mbappe has laughed at all Madridistas and Modric, leader of Real Madrid, asks for his shirt!! Don’t you think it’s terrible?!

"Modric has asked for the shirt of the guy who dumped Real Madrid with one week to go!"


Pedrerol was egged on by former Madrid star Guti - yes that Guti, the one who's unreal assist pops up on your Twitter timeline once a week - as his frustrations continued to boil over at what was very clearly a harmless exchange between two professionals.

Florentino Perez set for appearance on El Chiringuito

As if El Chiringuito couldn't get more entertaining to watch, they also teased the guest appearance of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, which is set to air on Wednesday.

Expect plenty more Mbappe slander over the next few days, then.

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