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19th Aug 2015

Ronda Rousey described as ‘a man amongst women’ by WWE’s Brock Lesnar


What is it with famous male fighters dishing out backhanded insults to Ronda Rousey?

Only a matter of weeks after Floyd Mayweather rather disingenuously stated, “I wish whoever the heck Ronda Rousey is all the best”, former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar has chipped in with his own disguised barb.

Lesnar was appearing on ESPN SportsCenter and was asked about the Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

“I think she’s a super athlete in a weak division. I really do,” he responded. “She is a man amongst women in the women’s division.”

So not only did the wrestler undermine Rousey’s monumental achievements by suggesting it was against weak opposition, but he called her a man – despite her well-publicised annoyance at claims that she is in any way masculine.

Lesnar also went on to refer to Rousey as a “super freak”. Watch the video from 5min 8secs onwards for the relevant quotes.

We await Rousey’s response to the comments with baited breath…