Rio Ferdinand hints at double standards in treatment of Harry Kane & Paul Pogba 9 months ago

Rio Ferdinand hints at double standards in treatment of Harry Kane & Paul Pogba

He's got a point...

The news of Harry Kane failing to turn up for training this morning has rocked the football world, pumping a gallon of fuel back into the rumour mill, with everyone discussing whether or not he will get the move to Manchester City he desperately wants.


Some reports suggest Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is more adamant than ever to keep hold of his most valuable player, but most of these sagas (Bale, Modric, Berbatov, Walker...) do end up with the player leaving late in the window for a hefty fee.

Regardless of whether this stunt works or not, though, the act of going on strike has inevitably provoked a mixed reaction from fans, with Tottenham faithful understandably frustrated.

Other football fans, including former Manchester United captain and now TV pundit Rio Ferdinand, have highlighted the double standards within the British media when it comes to covering these stories.


Ferdinand used Paul Pogba as an example, alluding to the countless occasions his attitude has been brought into question, mostly for things his agent, Mino Raiola, has said or done.

Among the footballing commentariat, there has been noticeably less criticism of Kane for actually skiving off training than there has been for largely unfounded rumours of Pogba's supposed lack of professionalism.

On Twitter, Ferdinand wrote: "Let Paul Pogba not turn up for Man Utd training and see how the English media and fans go mad! Helicopters and police forces out searching his location immediately," followed by a tongue-in-cheek laughing emoji.


While Rio is obviously comparing the current news to a hypothetical situation, most football fans would admit he has a very valid point.

There are numerous cases of double standards within the football media, and the Kane saga is exposing just one of them.

He went on the clarify that he does not believe what Kane is doing is necessarily wrong, adding that he understands his desire to leave the club and win some trophies while he is still in his prime years.


Now, I wonder what it is about Paul Pogba that attracts so much more criticism for things he hasn't even done...