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18th Aug 2015

Revealed: the vile insult that could see Gerard Pique banned for 12 games

This is not on...


Barcelona are not used to losing. They are even less used to chasing a four-goal deficit to avoid defeat.

Once the Champions League winners realised they would not be producing comeback miracles in the Spanish Super Cup after losing the first leg 4-0 to Athletic Club, the tie took on a nasty streak.

The referee and his officials were castigated, Barca players lumped into tackles and engaged in afters with Bilbao players.

The most vile piece of abuse arrived 55 minutes into the match as Barca unsuccessfully appealed for an offside. Their calls went in vain and, upon conceding a corner kick, Gerard Pique marched towards the linesman.

He exclaimed, “Me cago en tu puta madre [I s*** on your w**** of a mother].”

The former Manchester United defender received his marching orders and was escorted from the pitch.

Bilbao scored soon after and denied the Blaugrana their sixth trophy in a calendar year.

Pique will be banned for a minimum of four games but it could well be 12 if the LFP, which runs La Liga, takes a dim view of his abuse.