Premier League players hiring ex-SAS soldiers to protect their families at home 3 months ago

Premier League players hiring ex-SAS soldiers to protect their families at home

Clubs in the North West will share intelligence to better protect players and their families

Premier League players are hiring former SAS soldiers to protect their families at home while they are playing for their club, according to a report in the Daily Mail.


It comes after several players have been subject to criminal attacks, with the report adding that teams in the North West have created a discussion group where they will share intelligence to better protect their players and families.

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof was recently targeted while playing for the Red Devils against Brentford, with his wife and two young children locking themselves in a room as intruders entered their house.

In December, Manchester City full-back Joao Cancelo was injured when he tried to fight off a gang of four intruders at his home - leaving him with cuts on his face as jewellery was stolen.


Last year, Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen, on loan at Everton at the time, and his family were targeted by a machete-wielding gang in a 'horrific attack' at their home near Altrincham.

As a result of recent attacks, some players have reportedly contacted private security firms who use former SAS soldiers to provide a 'presence' while they are not at home.

In addition to this, regular patrols outside players' houses are being carried out by external firms and club security staff.


"It's not a new issue," one official told the Daily Mail. "But it is something that has intensified recently.

"A lot more of the players are bringing in trained dogs but in some cases they want a physical, human presence in the house and so they are turning to a lot of firms who use guys who are ex-special forces."

It is reported that both Manchester clubs, as well as Everton and Liverpool, have spoken to their players since the attacks and are all part of the intelligence-sharing 'group'.

New signings are also being informed on the current situation, with security checks of potential homes being carried out by clubs on the players' behalf.


In some cases, clubs have even sent their own staff to players' homes while they have been in action

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