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19th Dec 2021

Paul vs Woodley scorecards show judges’ scores before brutal KO

Paul vs Woodley scorecards

Some fight fans are in doubt but what did the judges think?

As boxing fans continue to debate on Twitter on what exactly happened on Saturday night, the Paul vs Woodley scorecards have been shared and they’re pretty definitive.

Jake Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley in the sixth round of their high-profile rematch and while many are now questioning the authenticity of the conclusion itself, it would seem the judges knew who was ahead.

That’s right, a ‘rigged’ knockout or not, it would seem that Jake Paul vs Woodley 2 was being led rather comfortably by the 24-year-old influencer, with each of three officials having him leading in virtually every single round.

While there was only one point in it each time, the judges never really had him behind at any stage in the fight, rounding out the bout with a ’48 and two 49s’ before the KO.

As’s Mike Heck pointed out, despite a slight miscalculation and having been given at least one round by each of the judges, Paul still came out on top. Of course, people online have had plenty to say about this as well:

As it customary whenever Jake Paul is fighting anyone, the debate around this one will continue to rage on until his next opponent is announced, which many believe or at least hope will be Canelo Alvarez.

Ahead of last night’s fight, we spoke to the controversial budding boxer about what he sees for his future, how real the Canelo prospect is, mental health and more. You can watch the full interview down below:

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