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25th Sep 2021

Nuno admits Spurs are ignoring new heading limit guidelines in training

Daniel Brown

Players should not be exceeding ’10 high-force headers’ a week

Tottenham manager Nuno Espirito Santo became the first Premier League boss to reveal that he is ignoring heading-limit guidelines in training.

At the start of this campaign, football club’s in England were advised by the relevant authorities that their players should not be exceeding ’10 high-force headers’ a week, in recognition of the increasing link to neurodegenerative diseases.

However, Spurs manager Nuno has admitted that his side aren’t abiding by the rules, stating that they ‘need to improve at defending set-pieces.’

When asked about how they practise defending set-pieces without frequently heading the ball, he replied: “Good question. That’s why we have training sessions without anybody seeing us.

Nuno, who was speaking ahead of Spurs’ north London derby clash against Arsenal, then added: “I’m concerned with the situation of dementia and what heading the ball can cause. It’s a big concern for us but it’s part of the game.

“Honestly, I will not lie to you, I don’t count how many times our players head the ball. Maybe I will get myself in trouble for this, but football is jumping, heading, it’s part of the game.’

Despite being the first manager to admit that his team are ignoring the new heading limit guidelines in training, he is reportedly not the only one who is doing so, according to Sportsmail. Additionally, the report states that an executive at another English side has claimed: ‘We just have to be seen to be doing something.’

The Spurs manager’s comments come in the same week that the first adult fixture involving heading restrictions is set to take place.

The game is taking place on Sunday at Brewery Field – home of Spennymoor Town – and has been organised by the charities Head for Change and Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust. It will be played between former professional footballers.

In the first-half of the match, heading will only be allowed inside the box. Whereas in the second-half, heading is banned completely.

The heading guidelines in place were agreed between the FA, Premier League, EFL, PFA and LMA.

However, they are not being policed and instead, staff members and players are each respective club are expected to implement them throughout training sessions.

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