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20th Jul 2018

Napoli launch new, animal themed kits with brilliant cartoon video

Kappa have changed the game with these beauties

Reuben Pinder

Kappa have pulled it out the bag again

Most football kits these days follow the same template as every other kit made by the same manufacturer. Spurs’ kit last season was a carbon coopy of Chelsea’s away kit. Roma, PSG, Man City and pretty much every other team licensed by Nike, have kits that comform to the same template.

Kappa, on the other hands, are not having any of that nonsense. Their designers work tirelessly to produce unique jerseys for their teams. Their most famous client, Napoli, are the beneficiaries of their best work yet again this summer.

The Serie A team’s new kits feature patterns depicting a black panther and a snake. Because why not? Not only this, but they’ve launched the new kits with an incredible cartoon video. The video shows club captain Marek Hamšik with his Napoli teammates, muscles bursting out of the skin tight jerseys, roaring next to a black panther. There’s no story, but there doesn’t need to be.

The video then ends with real life Hamšik closing the comic book that a kid is reading.The kid looks up to see his heroes donning the new jersey.

As kit launch videos go, it’s innovative and unique, which makes a change from the usual combination of shit dance music, a few serious stares and and cringeworthy motto.

The home kit also features a neat collar on top of the 90s-esque pattern.

The away kit is a striking green colour, decorated with a scaley pattern with an actual snake on the back.


And the third kit… well you might not want to buy this one but you can’t say it’s not a bold choice of colour.

Napoli might have lost Jorginho and Maurizio Sarri, but they still have the best looking, most unique kits in Europe. You win some, you lose some.