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25th Jul 2021

Jake Paul is in talks to fight Conor McGregor, according to the YouTuber

Kieran Galpin


Jake Paul VS Conor McGregor could be happening

The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight changed the world of professional fighting forever. Logan Paul has set the stage for other hubristic influencers to cross over into professional sports, bringing with them enormous followings, drama comparable to The Real Housewives, and enough attitude to put Cardi B out of business.

Now, the youngest Paul sibling is looking to make his own waves in the professional fighting sphere and is said to be setting up a fight with MMA superstar Conor Mcgregor.

“I think it will happen. Look, I mean, I’m the money fight for Conor McGregor right now,” Paul told The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

“There is no other fighter right now who is on a bigger level than me that is calling out Conor McGregor and wants to fight Conor.

“Our team is in touch with his team and there’s talks of it actually happening. And people at first thought I was just joking when I said I wanted to fight him.

“But now it’s as real as it gets, it’s more real than ever and by the way, if we do fight, I’m going to knock him out.”

Paul also spoke on his upcoming fight with Tyron Woodley:

“I think Tyron Woodley is a harder opponent than Conor McGregor.

“Conor, I think the fame, the money has got to his head, he’s lost that fighter’s edge, that motivation. And look, he’s a smaller guy.

“He’s five, what, eight? He’s 155-pounds, Tyron Woodley is a 200-pound, massive, explosive guy, so he’s a lot more dangerous fighter than Conor McGregor.”

All this comes after once again agitating Conor McGregor after his defeat by Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Paul then took to social media to mock McGregor by offering Poirier a $100,000 custom-made ‘sleepy’ Conor McGregor chain.

Former boxer Tony Bellew previously told JOE that elevating influencers to the top of the boxing world is going to have potentially deadly consequences.