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09th Dec 2022

Miss Croatia stopped by security at World Cup quarter final

Callum Boyle

More controversy

Croatian Instagram model Ivana Knoll has revealed that security staff at Croatia’s World Cup quarter final against Brazil prevented her from taking photos with fans.

Knoll has attracted plenty of attention since arriving in the Middle East to follow Croatia. During their opening fixtures, Qatari locals could be seen taking photos as the former Miss Croatia winner walked down in a red and white bikini top and tight red leggings.

After the images surfaced online Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi, a prominent Qatari entrepreneur, claimed the locals had only taken the photos to show they did not approve.

However ahead of the game at the Education City Stadium on Friday, Knoll said she had been told by ‘rude’ security staff members that she couldn’t pose for photos with fans.

“They don’t allow the fans to take photos with me or pose for photos down here on the railing. I then asked them why they were so rude,” she told Bild.

The model has gained an extra 1.8 million followers on Instagram ever since she first went viral and despite her encounter with the security at the Brazil game, has insisted that she has enjoyed her time in the Middle East.

“It’s really great. No one has ever told me to cover up.

“Everyone wants photos with me, even the locals. Only on Twitter was there a negative reaction from a Qatari. But he probably just wanted attention.”

Croatia defied the odds to come from behind to beat Brazil on penalties to reach the World Cup semi finals in back-to-back tournaments,

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