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19th May 2022

Mike Dean reveals why he ‘sniffed’ assistant referees’ shirt before kick-off

Callum Boyle

Mike Dean referee sniffed

The news you’ve all waited to hear…

After years of speculation (probably), the answer to one of life’s biggest questions has finally been answered: Why did Mike Dean ‘sniff’ the shirt of his assistant referee?

The answer was revealed as the legendary official looked back at a 22-year career as a top-flight referee ahead of his final game before retiring at the end of the season.

Speaking to the Daily MailDean looked back at many moments of his lively time as a referee, from always believing that Manchester City would go on to win the Premier League in that‘AGUEROOOOOO’ game, to the video that looked like he celebrated a Tottenham goal.

If you can’t remember that video by the way, then feast your eyes below. Comedy gold.

What a moment

This isn’t what we’re here for, though. We’re here to find out just why he opted to ‘sniff’ his linesman.

For those who don’t recall the incident, Dean was caught on camera smelling the top of one of his fellow officials ahead of the pre-match handshakes before a game between Manchester United and Manchester City.

It left people extremely confused but Dean has settled it one and for all, explaining that there was a strange odour coming from the top that he just couldn’t ignore, but he did state that he didn’t sniff the linesman himself, only the shirt.

“I wouldn’t say I sniffed my linesman, I sniffed his shirt,” the 53-year-old said.

“Ian [the linesman] puts this oil stuff on his shirt, and it stunk in the tunnel before the game, stunk going out and it just wouldn’t go away… it was horrendous so I just sniffed it.”

There you have it, you can all sleep easily now. Don’t say we don’t treat you.

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