Micah Richards responds to Carragher's American accent with 'C grade' Italian 8 months ago

Micah Richards responds to Carragher's American accent with 'C grade' Italian

Richards and Carragher have delivered once again

Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher provided viewers with a hilarious moment on Tuesday night, showing off their impersonation skills.


The popular Sky Sports pundits were part of CBS' coverage of Tuesday’s Champions League matches and once the games had finished, they were able to have a bit of fun.

During the post-game analysis, Matteo Bonnetti, the lead Serie A analyst for the US television network, revealed that Richards had told him that he had learned a number of Tuscan and Italian phrases during his time playing in Italy.

The former Manchester City defender spent the 2014/15 campaign on-loan in with Fiorentina, where he made 19 appearances in total.


Bonnetti put Richards on the spot when he challenged him to share some Italian phrases with him and viewers at home.

In typical fashion, the 33-year-old was up for the task and quickly reeled off several Italian words as his co-hosts laughed in the process.


Following Richards' comments, Bonnetti responded: "That’s pretty legitimate."

He was then asked to grade Richards’ Italian, to which he replied: "It’s alright. He was only there for one season so you can’t expect too much.

"There were a few phrases and he was showing off in the break. He introduced himself pretty well. So it’s a C."

Later in the broadcast, Liverpool legend Carragher also spoke in a different accent - although it was a much simpler than the one chosen by his fellow pundit.


He was asked if he had anything to add before the end of the show, with the 43-year-old responding in his best American accent to say: "What a game we’ve got tonight."

It isn't the first time that Carragher has opted for an American accent while working for CBS, either.


Last month, 'Carra' was challenged by presenter Kate Abdo to take them out with his best attempt at an American accent.

His phrase "waaaaaaas!" had everyone in stitches - with his face and hands twice as animated than they normally are.

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