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26th Aug 2015

LA Galaxy boss says Steven Gerrard could have been a professor…


He’s a genius with a football, but we’re not sure about Bruce Arena’s claims that Steven Gerrard could have been a professor.

The LA Galaxy boss has praised his star midfielder, saying he expects him to move into management once he hangs up his boots.

“Steven’s next step in the game is to be a manager, no question about it,” said Arena. “He’s very studious about what goes on.

“We talk about what he’s done at Liverpool and we compare notes. Where that’s going to be, I don’t know. At Galaxy? I hope not as I’m the manager!


“I would guess he’ll go back to England and then you can guess where he might end up after that.”

Arena also pondered the path Gerrard might have taken had he not become a professional footballer.

“If Steven didn’t play football he’d be very successful at something else. He could have been a professor,” he said.

“He’s so articulate and bright. He could have made a success of anything. He made a pretty good decision becoming a footballer but he’s a pretty sharp guy.”

H/T Daily Mirror