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14th May 2023

KSI’s win against Joe Fournier could be in doubt after alleged illegal elbow

Callum Boyle


KSI won the fight with a second round knockout blow

KSI’s victory against Joe Fournier could be in doubt after his alleged illegal elbow.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer continued his unbeaten record in-front of a sold-out Wembley Arena on Saturday night as ‘The Nightmare’ knocked Fournier down in the second round before the contest was stopped.

However new footage has appeared to show that KSI may have elbowed his opponent with the winning shot.

Fans on social media criticised the decision to award KSI the victory after spotting the incident and the Daily Mail have reported that the boxing authorities will review the footage to determine if he elbowed Fournier or not.

Despite the controversy around his win, the 29-year-old refuted claims that he used an illegal shot.

He said: “I hit him with a massive shot. He was dazed and scrambling, trying to hold onto me for dear life. I was like, ‘Nah, nah, your soul is mine.'”

Unsurprisingly though, Fournier called out the referee for failing to spot the elbow and insisted that KSI should’ve been disqualified.

“I know you’re fighting the promotion, I know maybe the judges might be in their favour, but for the ref to let a clear elbow… it’s been replayed a million times around the world,” he said.

“A clear elbow and then they count me out on the elbow. He should be disqualified. That should be a clear win for me.”

Jake Paul also had his say on the elbow, claiming that “if that was indeed a real boxing match it will be ruled a no contest or disqualification.”

Following his victory, KSI then chose to call out Tommy Fury – who in attendance – where the former Love Island contestant said he would put ‘The Nightmare’ ” to sleep within four rounds.”

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