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07th Nov 2021

John Terry joins Twitter, immediately insults stranger’s wife

John Terry has announced his arrival on Twitter, insulting a stranger's wife within five hours of being active on the social network

Reuben Pinder

Terry posted a video confirming the account is his

The words ‘John Terry has joined Twitter’ were never going to be the start of a happy, wholesome, story.

The former Chelsea captain is the most polarising figure to come out of English football’s ‘Golden Generation’ and it’s not hard to see why.

Tabloid scandal and an allegation of racist abuse (for which he was found not guilty in a court of law) tarnished the reputation of one of the greatest defenders of the Premier League era. And so it made sense that he kept himself away from Twitter for all these years.

But that all changed on Saturday, as the former Aston Villa assistant manager announced himself to the social media network, and was welcomed by similarly unpopular sportsmen to have represented England.

The absence of a verified tick on his account raised suspicions about its legitimacy, but a video posted from the account on Sunday morning confirmed it was indeed JT.

“Good morning Twitter,” he said. “Yes, this is me, this is my official account. I’m going to be getting my blue tick at some point this week.

“Happy Sunday, I’m just about to do a 10k run.”

So, we’ve established it is indeed him. Now, what’s he been tweeting? Well, other than retweeting Chelsea fans’ video clips of his goals and defending from his playing days, he’s been insulting people he doesn’t know.

One of his first interactions on the site was in response to a Newcastle United fan, who had replied to Kevin Pietersen’s tweet, saying “Best make sure wife doesn’t follow him.” An easy gag, but one Terry should expect.

Terry responded by saying: “Your [sic] safe David, just seen yours on your account,” followed by a laughing emoji and a pig face.

The response was predictably mixed, with many football fans expressing utter bemusement that someone would actually tweet that. But then again, this is John Terry.