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26th Jun 2021

Jack Grealish reveals the secrets behind his beautiful, beautiful hair

England star Jack Grealish has revealed the routine that makes his lid so luscious, detailing each step and every product he uses, and you all need to know

Reuben Pinder

Take some notes, lads

What is Jack Grealish’s best attribute? Some may argue it is his one-on-one dribbling, or his ability to draw fouls and win free kicks. Others might make a case for his leadership. They’re all wrong. His best attribute is of course his hair.

The Aston Villa captain’s lid has evolved a lot over the past few years; from the short back and sides, slicked back look that we’ve all tried to emulate to varying degrees of success, to big, floppy and somehow still neat locks held together by an Alice band.

Grealish even tried out a combination of plaits with a top knot when football returned after the first lockdown in 2020, and somehow managed to pull it off. It’s testament to his levels of sauce that all of these styles look good on him.

But how does he get his current barnet so luscious? Well, it involves a multi-step routine, numerous products and a hairdryer.

Speaking to former Love Island contestant and content extraordinaire Josh Denzel in the ‘Lions’ Den’ for the England team’s channels, England’s number 7 talked Denzel through his morning routine. So listen, and learn.

Step 1: Shampoo and conditioner

Unfortunately Grealish does not specify which brand of shampoo and conditioner he uses, but you can safely assume it’s the good shit.

“Leave [the conditioner] in for a couple of minutes, get the shower gel on and at the end wash it out,” he explains. So far, so easy.

Step 2: Dry and apply Moroccan oil

“Obviously when I get out the shower it’s still a bit wet, so I dry it,” he so helpfully explains.

“Then I put Moroccan oil in it,” he adds. “Whack the hairdryer out, get the hairbrush… Obviously in the mirror, doing my trim and that,” he says, reenacting the blow dry and brush action.

Step 3: Wax

“When I’ve dried it with the hairdryer, the Moroccan oil is still in there a bit, then I put hair bond in it, like a wax, to style it” Grealish says.

Step 4: Hairspray

“And then I use hairspray, yellow ‘got2B’, at the end. Just to hold it,” he concludes.

So, wash and condition, towel dry, oil, blow dry, hair bond wax, hairspray. And then presumably the Alice band goes on.


@joshdenzelHave you ever wondered how @jackgrealish gets his hair perfect for every game … #jackgrealish #football #england #euro2020 #foryou #foryoupage♬ original sound – Josh Denzel

Not only has Grealish provided England with a crucial assist in the final group game of Euro 2020, he has now also given every man with long-ish hair the secrets to the perfect lid. Thank you, Jack, for your service.