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18th Sep 2018

It would seem that Sol Campbell doesn’t know his own age

The former Arsenal defender uploaded a video on his birthday, thanking his fans for their messages, but deleted it after people pointed out a key error

Reuben Pinder

Sol Campbell is not a normal person

The former Arsenal midfielder turns 44 today. Or 43, nobody is quite sure, not even Sol himself, it would appear.

Campbell uploaded a video to Twitter today, thanking his followers and fans for wishing him a happy birthday. Pretty standard behaviour for a public figure with 145,000 followers. In the video, he mentioned that he was turning 43, before telling his followers to “stay strong out there”, whatever that means.

However, he then deleted the video, after several followers pointed out that he was in fact 44, not 43, according to his Wikipedia page.

The former England international then re-uploaded a video, with no mention of his age at all, but all the same content otherwise.

He said he hoped he would get better with age, like a fine wine, and once again told his fans to “stay strong out there”.

Given the lack of a mention of his age at all in the second video, it would seem that the retired footballer does not know how old he is, which is bizarre given he was born in Newham, London, in 1974, or 1975, who knows?

One thing is for certain though: he is 43 until he is 44. That is a fact.