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Euro 2020

14th Jun 2021

Inter Milan director confirms Christian Eriksen hadn’t been vaccinated before collapse

Kieran Galpin

Eriksen has not had the vaccine yet

Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsed at Saturday’s Euro match due to cardiac arrest. Ever since the incident, speculation has grown surrounding how a man in seemingly good health suffered such a tragic complication. One theory suggests that it was a severe reaction to the Covid vaccine.

Inter Milan director Giuseppe Marotta has rejected this claim, stating that Eriksen had not even received the vaccine yet.

“[Eriksen] didn’t have Covid and wasn’t vaccinated either,” said Marotta, according to Reuters.

The rumour began when Czech physicist Luboš Motl tweeted that Eriksen had received the Pfizer vaccine on the 31st of May. Since then, news spread throughout social media, with many taking this falsity as a fact.

Matt Le Tissier, a former midfielder for Southampton, retweeted a post that detailed how tech giants were threatening action if anyone linked the jab to Eriksen’s unfortunate condition.

Though it seems Eriksen is out of immediate danger, there is still a long recovery ahead of him. He made a joke about being “ready to play”, but such activity will not be on the table for some time.