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04th Sep 2015

Iceland have a very odd way of celebrating victory over Holland (Video)

Any minute now...


It was a monumental victory that could go a long way to deciding the fates of the respective European Championship hopefuls…

For Iceland especially it was tremendous feat to overcome Holland 0-1 on Dutch soil, and guarantee themselves at least a play-off spot.

If they were to make France 2016, it would be the first major international tournament in their history. So you’d expect them to celebrate like crazy.

And they do…eventually. A bizarre video shows the team stood around sedately in the changing room, occasionally shushing each other, before eventually going absolutely mental. And then stopping.

Their wild celebrations go on for a solid 10 seconds before they calm down and get on with life…

Svona var kátínan í klefanum eftir sigurinn gegn Hollandi en síðan datt allt í dúnalogn, eins og ævinlega, enda fagmenn á ferð og næsta verkefni framundan. Vonandi skilar þetta myndband sér til ykkar.

Posted by Þorgrímur Þráinsson on Thursday, 3 September 2015