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21st Aug 2015

Goalscoring styles of Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard summed up in LA Galaxy training footage (Video)

What a partnership this is...


One works out the angles while the other puts his laces through it.

LA Galaxy are loving the Robbie Keane/Steven Gerrard double-act and have kept us well fed with training ground clips and videos of their finest (and corporately sponsored) moments.

This latest video from the Galaxy training ground really sums up how both players approach scoring goals.

Keane often sizes up the target, picks his spot and tries to outwit the goalkeeper.

You can see that in his goal against Chivas last year.

Gerrard on the other hand, leathers it. Olympiacos knew all about it back in 2004.

Whatever the style, they have both proved successful – a combined 432 career goals and counting.