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11th Jul 2018

Wimbledon finally cracks and shares an “It’s Coming Home” meme

Wil Jones

One of the world’s greatest sporting contests is currently taking place

The best athletes in their chosen field have come together, to battle it out until one is crowned champion.

We are, of course, talking about Wimbledon.

Oh, you though we were on about the World Cup?

The prestigious tennis tournament is of course taking place in South London at the moment, but England’s World Cup heroics have kind of overshadowed it (especially with Andy Murray out).

Wimbledon have long had a ‘no football’ policy for their big screens, and despite the World Cup fever sweeping the nation, they’ve doubled down and refused to show it. It’s become a small point of contention.

But ahead of England now playing their first World Cup semi-final, the official Wimbledon account tweeted an “It’s Coming Home” video, playing “Three Lions” over various Cliff Richard singing, and various other musical tennis moments.

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