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10th Jul 2018

WATCH: North Carolina FC produce the best worst goalmouth scramble you will ever see

1-1. 96th minute of the match. Carnage.

Kyle Picknell


Goalmouth scrambles happen all the time in football. Usually in Sunday League though, where the pitches are terrible, the defenders, midfielders, forwards, goalkeepers, referee and vast majority of coaching staff and crowd are hungover, and well, because nobody is actually very good.

You don’t really expect to see one this gloriously shit crop up in the professional leagues, but then again it is the Americal USL.

What is the American USL?

Why, it’s the United Soccer League! And it’s like the MLS, where Bradley Wright-Phillips scores something like 400 goals a season against a bunch of defenders from Portland who look like coffee shop baristas, except somehow not as good!

But, it did give us this. So in my opinion it is now definitely, possibly, maybe the best league in world football.

Come hither, feast your eyes, play it on loop for the rest of the day whilst waiting for the World Cup semi-finals to begin:

If anything, the clip is concrete proof of that old football adage: “That’s the thing with North Carolina FC, they always try and walk it in.”

Put your foot through it lads. Back yourself.