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04th Jul 2018

The Sun ‘apologise’ for tasteless Colombia frontpage but continue to twist the knife

Classy as always...

Paul Moore

Classy as always…

The Sun caused some recent controversy after deciding to plaster a controversial headline on their front page. Ahead of England’s match against Colombia in Moscow, the newspaper splashed the following message on their frontpage:  “As 3 Lions face nation that gave us Shakira, great coffee, and er, other stuff, we say…GO KANE!”

The paper argued that their headline was “suitably light-hearted considering the context.”

Context, eh? They just managed to forget the fact that narco-terroism resulted in the deaths of thousands of Colombian people.

In fact, the Colombian ambassador to the United Kingdom even described this frontpage which alluded to the drug culture in Colombia as “sad.”

After England beat Jose Pekerman’s side on penalties to reach the World Cup quarter-finals, the paper released the following ‘apology.’

Regarding the message, they said that : “This was unfair on the Colombian people, who are far more embarrassed by the way their cheating, fouling, play-acting, mean-spirited, national football team played last night.”

Of course, Colombia’s tactics in their match against Southgate’s side left a lot to be desired because at times, they seemed more interested in arguing with the referee and fouling the English players than actually getting on with the game.