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08th Jun 2018

Roma have outdone themselves with their latest transfer announcement

They keep outdoing themselves

Wayne Farry

At this stage they’re just signing players just so they can make transfer announcements

Roma are good at many things; defending, passing the ball, scoring goals, they excel at all of these aspects of football. As good as they are at each of these things, there’s one thing they’re even better at: announcing transfers.

In fact, they have become so good at announcing transfers that many people actually hope that the club will sign footballers just so they can make a brand new announcement.

So far, the club have announced signings in a number of ways, including:

Cengiz Under’s incredible announcement video

Aleksandr Kolarov’s tense and spectacular announcement video

and Gregoire Defrel’s compilation announcement video

Now all of these are brilliant, creative and hugely enjoyable, but today’s announcement may well be their best yet.

Announcing the signing of Italy international and Atalanta midfielder Bryan Cristante, the club have opted for a photo rather than a video. It is beautiful in its simplicity, but visually perfect and, as always, hits just the right note. A+

What makes it even better? They preceded the announcement with this, which is a banger in and of itself.