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11th Jul 2018

People loved Gareth Southgate’s conduct following the final whistle

Wil Jones

England are out of the 2018 World Cup

Despite all the hope, the performances and the memes, it is not coming home this year.

Kieran Trippier took the lead early on, only Croatia to equalise halfway through the second half, and went on to win the game in extra time.

However, this is definitely an England team for the nation to be proud of. A young team who have captured the hearts of the country, who given their all, and smashed every stereotype that gets wheeled out about lazy footballers.

And no more has that been summed up by the manager, Gareth Southgate. A relaxed, likeable presence, and an unlikely style icon to boot.

His conduct following the final whistle of Wednesday’s game has particularly gotten a lot of adulation.

Following his side’s defeat, he went around and comforted his own players. And then, far from being a sore loser, he proceeded to congratulate the Croatian players and staff.

His actions have gone down incredibly well with with both those in the stadium and  heartbroken England fans watching at home.

No matter what state they were in, they were getting a hug.

Well done, Gareth.