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17th Jun 2018

People are not impressed by Patrice Evra’s reaction to Eni Aluko’s punditry

Evra appeared to be shocked by Eni Aluko's insight

Reuben Pinder

Eni Aluko has offered some expert insight on her debut as a pundit

ITV’s punditry team for this World Cup has offered great entertainment so far. Eni Aluko has stood out in particular, demonstrating a broad knowledge of the game and offering detailed tactical insight that any professional pundit should.

The former Chelsea forward, who has just moved to Juventus, has been a breath of fresh air in comparison with some of the bland analysis that many seasoned pros offer.

During the pre-game build-up to Serbia vs Costa Rica this afternoon, Aluko was speaking about Joel Campbell. Remember him? He rose to fame during the last World Cup, when he scored five goals for Costa Rica, helping them top the group of death against the odds.

Aluko spoke of his dip in form and Costa Rica’s lack of a top level striker being a problem for them today, which appeared to blow Patrice Evra’s mind.

“Wow, very good”, the former Manchester United defender said.

He went on to state how impressed he was by her punditry.

Football fans watching at home didn’t appreciate this reaction from Evra, asserting that his praise is patronising and an example of the everyday sexism that women face in football.