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09th Mar 2018

The official song for the World Cup is here and it’s not bad

No Pitbull this time around...

Paul Moore

You’re going to be hearing this a lot. Better than Waka Waka?

No matter how crap things can be, just remember that we’re in a World Cup year and the greatest competition in the world is kicking-off on 14 June. The World Cup makes everything better.

If you’re shaking with anticipation ahead of Russia vs Saudi Arabia – and we know you are – then it’s very likely that you’re going to be hearing Jason Derulo’s official song for the competition during the inevitable boring-ass opening ceremony.

After Pitbull song for the World Cup in Brazil and Shakira’s incredibly catchy Waka Waka for South Africa, it’s the American that’s responsible for soundtracking the tournament in Russia. Granted, in terms of football songs, it’s no Put ’em Under Pressure or Three Lions but what is?

The song will be officially released on March 16 and Derulo is scheduled to perform it at the World Cup opening ceremony in Moscow.

You’re going to hear this constantly over the summer so why not get acquainted now?