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02nd Apr 2018

Newcastle and Crystal Palace fans’ response to Pardew sacking says it all

They were warned

Reuben Pinder

They did say…

Alan Pardew parted company with West Bromwich Albion this morning by ‘mutual consent’. The decision to part ways came after Pardew failed to get West Brom’s season back on track. They sit at the foot of the table with just 20 points.

Some fans new this would happen, albeit not this quickly. Pardew is a streaky manager. He has an incredible knack of giving a team a huge new manager bounce, which is always followed by a steep slide, and then he is sacked before that team go down. Rinse and repeat.

This is what happened at Newcastle – that six year contract still baffles everyone – and at Crystal Palace. It is easy for fans of a struggling club to get excited about Pardew coming to save their season. “Finally,” West Brom fans thought,”at least we might attack now.” Alas, they only won one league match under ‘Pards’.

The Baggies didn’t even get the bounce, only the slide. You have to have some sympathy for them.

Newcastle and Palace fans might not though, as they are feeling smug about predicting it all. And fair play: they did warn everyone.

Of course, being sacked – sorry, leaving by mutual consent – before the end of the season means Pardew will avoid some of the blame for their pending relegation. This has angered some fans too.