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22nd Apr 2018

Napoli and Juventus players wear red paint on faces for heartbreaking reason

All 22 players came out the tunnel with a red line painted on their faces

Reuben Pinder

Both teams emerged with red marks on their faces before the big game today.

Tonight, Juventus welcome Napoli to the Juventus Stadium in Turin for the biggest match of the Serie A season. If Napoli win, the title race is well and truly back on, but if Juve win, they will be almost out of sight and be set to win a seventh consecutive Scudetto.

As the players emerged from the tunnel before the match, all 22 of them had a red line painted onto their face. This bemused a few viewers at home.

But the commentators announced that the red paint was part of a campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence and express solidarity with victims of domestic abuse.

With so much at stake on a competitive level, it was heartwarming to see the players unite behind a cause which seeks to amend a widespread problem.

It’s heartbreaking that things like this still need to be done, but they do, so a round of applause is in order for all the players who took part in the initiative. Every team in Serie A took part in the campaign, too.

Whoever emerges as the victors from tonight’s game – probably Juve – everyone involved can feel proud of themselves for raising awareness of one of the world’s biggest ills.