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27th Nov 2018

Chaotic scenes ahead of Manchester United’s game with Young Boys

Police have warned people to avoid the city centre altogether


What a mess.

Manchester is one of the country’s biggest and most popular hotspots. It is renowned for its music, comedy, sport (boasting two superclubs in City and United), culture and nightlife. It is therefore slightly baffling that a city of its size would experience massive chaos ahead of a crucial Champions League game.

Prior to Manchester United’s group match with Young Boys, police warned the public to avoid the city centre, if possible, due to a combination of the big European game, crowded Christmas markets, and ongoing roadworks. Obviously this is not something that ticket-holding fans could avoid.

Sadly, the warnings of potential chaos came to fruition, with many supporters and city centre workers alike struggling to move an inch in terrible congestion. The likelihood is that parts of Old Trafford will remain unfilled as fans with tickets are left frustrated in the unmoving traffic.

As you can see from the reaction on social media, the scenes have left many locals and football travellers livid at the disruption and general chaos.