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05th Apr 2018

Liverpool fans have excelled themselves with this collection of Salah vs Laporte memes

Some of these are sublime


Every true artist needs a muse.

Leonardo da Vinci had Mona Lisa, Pablo Picasso had Dora Maar, Andy Warhol had Edie Sedgwick, and it seems that Liverpool supporters have poor Aymeric Laporte.

Following their 3-0 demolition of Premier League champions-elect Manchester City in the first leg of their prestigious European quarter-final, giddy Scousers were in savage mood.

A key individual battle in the game was between the irrepressible Mohamed Salah and City’s new defender Aymeric Laporte. We say ‘battle’, it was all a bit one-sided if we’re honest.

To use the colloquialism, the Egyptian ace tore Laporte a new one.

Not that it was really the French stopper’s fault. He was playing in a ‘tucked in’ left-back position and constantly found himself isolated against one of the most dangerous – and fastest – forwards in Europe.

As a result the matchup was horribly one-sided, and that was not lost on merciless Liverpool fans. But credit where credit is due, they were brilliantly creative in their online roasting.

Here’s some of the best. City supporters may want to look away now…