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16th Jun 2018

Kyle Walker takes umbrage with Gary Neville’s claim about Harry Kane

Neville said Kane was the only world-class player at England's disposal

Darragh Murphy

Gary Neville’s claim that Harry Kane is the only world-class player in England’s World Cup squad does not sit well with Kyle Walker.

While plenty of responsibility lies with Kane considering his goalscoring prowess, Walker claims that there is much more to England than the Spurs centre-forward.

Walker has suggested that the former Manchester United right-back was being a bit unfair by suggesting that the rest of Gareth Southgate’s squad in Russia was miles behind Kane in terms of talent.

“I disagree massively,” Walker said on ITV when asked for his take on what Neville had said.

“I think we’re all here on merit, on club form. We’ve all shown fine form throughout the season.

“That’s his opinion. He’s entitled to his opinion.

“He’s a very experienced player and coach. I look up to him a lot but I feel to say there is only one world-class player in the England team is a little bit harsh on the rest.

“I think there’s a lot of exciting talent in the dressing room. Others have to step forward, it’s a fact. Harry Kane can’t win the game alone.”

After listening to Walker’s retort, Neville conceded that there were plenty of prospects coming through the England set-up but refused to row back on his claim that Kane is the only one who could be truly considered world-class.

“I do think that Harry is the only player in the England squad that at this moment in time you could guarantee could go into nearly any XI in the tournament. That’s how I define world-class,” Neville said.

“I do agree with what Kyle said. There’s a lot of exciting, young talent and the manager has great belief in them.”