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30th Apr 2018

Dutch referee ‘booked’ for simulation after frankly pathetic dive

This would make Arjen Robben wince with embarrassment

Wayne Farry

So it’s not just players who do it

Players who dive often have a hard time shaking off the reputation. Look at Ashley Young, Arjen Robben and Wilfried Zaha whenever they get fouled, and look out for the furious responses as people simply assume they dived because they have done so a few hundred times in the past.

It sticks. People remember. It’s a simple fact of life, no one ever remembers the parties where you don’t soil yourself while surrounded by your in-laws, just the ones where it happens.

But it appears that it’s not just footballers (and purely hypothetical writers) who are prone to memorable acts such as this, as a referee in the Dutch Eredivisie illustrated over the weekend.

The incident took place as referee Jochem Kamphuis was officiating a crucial match between Vitesse Arnhem and FC Twente in a game which the hosts went on to win 5-0.

Running behind Vitesse’s number 25, Navarone Foor, Kamphuis seemed to believe he had felt a clip to his heels and, like any good performer, fell to his feet as if he had been picked off from a grassy knoll metres away.

Unimpressed with the theatrics on show, Foor preceded to approach the referee, remove a yellow card from his shirt pocket and show it to him for simulation.

It was all fun and games and everyone had a good laugh until full-time, at which point FC Twente were relegated to the Eerste Divisie.

Still, at least they got a funny story out of their day of abject misery.