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08th May 2019

Barcelona send saltiest tweet ever after loss to Liverpool

Wil Jones

The bitterness is strong with this one

Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 on Tuesday night, meaning that they overturned a three-goal deficit from their first leg tie in Spain to win 4-3 on aggregate. They are now through to the Champions League final. It is kind of a big deal.

It is also very embarrassing for Barcelona, who seemed to have the victory in the bag after a pretty dominant display at the Nou Camp, anchored by another amazing Lionel Messi performance.

Just imagine how it feels to throw away a game like. Just imagine what it is like to be a Barca fan right now – or even worse, work for their social media team.

The official Barcelona account replied to Liverpool’s tweet about the final score, with the most bitter, passive-aggressive message ever.


That’s it. One word. Nothing else. So much salt.

People instantly saw through the facade of good sportsmanship.