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5 of the best five-a-side moments you'll ever see on a football pitch
From pure skill through dumb luck, right the way down to sheer idiocy.

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It's the beautiful game, but smaller and usually less beautiful.

Five-a-side football, like the parent game, is a national institution. Every town and city in the UK has their own five-a-side league and teams, because football is in our blood, if not necessarily in our skill set.

Nevertheless, some of the greatest moments of football take place on that scaled-down pitch, in spite or indeed because of its amateur players. Here are five of those moments for your pleasure/amazement/uproarious laughter.


1. The goalie who had an absolute shocker:


2. The guy who suddenly remembers he's the greatest footballer ever:



3. The duo who set up the cheekiest back-heel imaginable:


4. The guy who tried to get a bit too clever and paid the price:



5. The ginger fella who looks an awful lot like Paul Sch- hey, wait a minute:

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