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03rd Aug 2021

FIFA 22 to include Female Virtual Pros for first time in the game’s history

For the first time in the game franchise's history, FIFA players will be able to create female virtual pros on the upcoming edition of the game

Reuben Pinder

FIFA 22 will be the ‘most inclusive edition of the FIFA franchise to date’

Creating yourself on FIFA games is one of life’s eternal sources of joy. Whether you go for the ultra authentic approach and loan yourself out to a lower league side to earn your stripes, orĀ  – as was possible back in the day – prefer to boost all your stats to the maximum in order to destroy your younger sibling on the game, it is the closest most of us will get to playing professional football.

But throughout the game’s 27-year history, gamers have never been able to create a female virtual pro. They only introduced women’s national teams to the franchise on FIFA 16.

That’s about to change though, with female virtual pros becoming one of the many new exciting features of FIFA 22, due for release this autumn.

This is a long overdue introduction to the game that reflects the growing popularity of the women’s game, which has grown exponentially in recent years.

Stay tuned for more details on FIFA 22.