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04th Feb 2017

Everyone was loving the fact both Step Brothers stars were in the Chelsea crowd

Brennan and Dale at the Bridge!

Nooruddean Choudry

They’re missing the Catalina Wine Mixer for this.

Let’s face it – Step Brothers is one of the most ridiculous, immature, stupid, idiotic, pointless and fucking hilarious films of recent times. We can all agree the 2008 sibling comedy is a stone-cold classic full of forever quotable lines.

So it was a combination of bafflement and excitement that greeted the sight of both Brennan and Dale watching the comedic defending unfold at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. That’s right – actors Will Ferrell and Dale Doback were both present.

What they made of the visitors’ sorry capitulation at the hands of Champions-elect Chelsea is anyone’s guess, but they were greeted with a warm reception by fans in the stadium, and many millions watching at home.

Not only did their cameo lead to many a Step Brothers-themed gag – mostly at poor Arsenal’s expense – but it sparked excitement that there may be a sequel in the offing.

(Although in fairness, they happen to be filming Holmes and Watson so it’s SB2 may just be a pipe dream…)