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22nd May 2022

Spanish TV say Mbappe will ‘never be a man’ after snubbing Madrid for money

Callum Boyle

At least they don’t seem too bothered by it…

Spanish TV channel El Chiringuito has provided us with some golden moments in recent times, but their latest outburst may top the lot.

After hearing the news that Kylian Mbappe had the audacity to turn down La Liga giants Real Madrid in favour of staying at Paris Saint-Germain, all hell broke loose.

Mbappe confirmed he would be staying at PSG

Mbappe and PSG confirmed on Saturday that he had signed a new contract until 2025, which contains some ludicrous numbers, including an estimated €100m signing on fee and even the power to hire and fire managers.

El Chiringuito Mbappe Madrid

El Chiringuito were not happy

Taking the rejection about as well as anyone who gets turned down by the love of their life, El Chiringuito have changed their tune on the Frenchman and have now proceeded to call him all names under the sun.

In a rather sensational attack on live TV, reporter Jose Felix Diaz called the forward a “coward” and claimed that he will “never be a man” after he opted to remain in France.

“Just 10 days ago you were giving your word [to Real Madrid]. They sent you a shirt and you received it for your birthday,” he said.

“You were denying reports that were proven to be true. Mbappe, you’re not a sportsman. You don’t keep your word. You’re not a man. It’s that clear. I can’t consider you as one.

“Why? Because you’ve misled millions of people, not only Florentino Perez. Just two weeks ago, or even 10 days ago, you still said ‘yes’.

“Then, you were so cowardly that you didn’t even phone, you just sent a message. You just showed what you are. You’re a man who doesn’t keep his word.

“You’ll be a great player, but never a great man.”

At least they seem to be taking it well.

La Liga are also not happy with Mbappe’s decision and have even released a statement in which they confirmed their intentions to report the 23-year-old and the Frenchman to UEFA and the French authorities.

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