Here's how to nail the Dele Alli challenge in three simple steps 2 years ago

Here's how to nail the Dele Alli challenge in three simple steps

It's the craze that's sweeping the nation. For some reason.

Some goal celebrations have a way of catching on with fans in a way that beggars belief.


Cristiano Ronaldo, Peter Crouch and Eric Cantona all witnessed their celebrations replicated by kids at five-a-side pitches all over the world.

And Dele Alli is currently experiencing that kind of appreciation ever since he found the net in Spurs' 2-1 victory over Newcastle on the opening weekend of the Premier League season.

Alli made an unusual gesture with his right hand and pressed it to his forehead, peering through a hole made by his index finger and thumb.

We've since seen supporters and celebrities perfectly copy Alli's celebration but we've also seen some people struggle to pull it off.

Manchester United midfielder Fred was baffled as he attempted it in the Old Trafford dressing room, much to the amusement of his teammates.


Well if you want to do better than Fred, there are three simple steps to follow to nail the #DeleChallenge.

1 - Make the 'OK' symbol by joining the tips of your index finger and thumb to make a circle and point your other three fingers up.

2 - Move 'OK' symbol to up to the other side of the three fingers so that it sits above them.

3 - Press the back of your three extended fingers against your forehead and look through the hole.


You've just completed the #DeleChallenge.