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12th Jul 2022

Darwin Núñez actually rubbish, Twitter decides after 20-second training clip

Simon Lloyd

Never change, Twitter

Darwin Núñez, it turns out, is not very good at all. Ignore the 34 goals he scored last season; the £85m transfer fee Liverpool paid to Benfica a few weeks ago was, clearly, an enormous waste of money.

How do we know this? Well, because we’ve just watched a 20-second video doing the rounds on Twitter, that’s how.

The Uruguayan striker is settling into life with his new club on their preseason tour in Thailand.

darwin nunez training

The short video of him appearing to struggle in training, which has been edited, is conclusive proof that he is, in fact, rubbish and destined for failure.

In the footage, Núñez can be seen firing a close-range effort over the bar, ballooning a free-kick into Cambodia and failing to pluck an overhit cross down from the sky. Finished. A fraud. You name it, someone on Twitter is probably saying it.

We are, of course, not being serious, but some of those sharing the video on Twitter seem to be reading a bit too deeply into it.

Núñez missed part of Liverpool’s latest training session with a foot injury but this is not thought to be too serious. He may feature in the friendly with Manchester United on Tuesday afternoon, giving Liverpool supporters their first glimpse of him in action for the club.

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