Liverpool fans 'happiest' in the Premier League, according to survey 1 month ago

Liverpool fans 'happiest' in the Premier League, according to survey

There's no way Man United fans are that happy

Liverpool fans are the happiest in the Premier League, according to a survey conducted by OLBG.


The survey was conducted by looking at the average likes each top-flight team received on their Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as taking the ratio of "love" reactions to "angry" reactions on content published about them on Facebook from BuzzSumo.

It's fair to say this method is questionable to say the least and like all surveys will divide opinion. One thing we can all agree on though is that Manchester United fans are most certainly not as happy as the table suggests.

Liverpool fans happiest


Where art thou Brighton?

According to the data, Liverpool have a fan happiness score of 7.88 with their closest competitors, Aston Villa, averaging a score of 7.14.

Chelsea and United complete the top four while Manchester City are fifth in the rankings. You're telling me a side that won a Premier League title on the final day of the season weren't as happy as their rivals who failed to qualify for the Champions League and booed their players?

Spare a thought for Brighton and Hove Albion fans however as they don't exist at all in the table. Are they not happy? Poor Brighton, we've got your backs.


As we said earlier, the method to the madness of this table is questionable but they do confirm that Leicester City fans are the most unhappy, sitting 19th in the table with an average rating of 2.69. Brendan Rodgers and co need to work their magic to get that score back up.

You can view the rest of the table here.

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