Conor McGregor deletes tweet announcing he’s sacked his father 9 months ago

Conor McGregor deletes tweet announcing he’s sacked his father

"Da, you're sacked"

Another day, another strange Conor McGregor Twitter exchange.


On Saturday, the UFC star took to social media to 'sack' his own father in a bizarre Twitter rant about his early fight days.

In the early stages of his career, the Irishman started out with a few amateur bouts held at a local GAA club, but even then it wasn’t all plain sailing.

McGregor's coach - John Kavanagh - has previously revealed that when the fighter was starting off his career in MMA, he almost walked away from the sport.


Kavanagh used to run shows in Good Counsel (the GAA club), with McGregor often featuring on the cards.

Speaking to the Independent, Kavanagh revealed that the 33-year-old - who was viewed as a 'rising star' - lost a fight that he was expected to win, and that following the bout, he didn't hear from him again for a while.

He stated that he  'would never have seen' McGregor again if Conor’s mother didn't call him.

"I had no interest," Kavanagh stated.


"I don’t put negative energy into chasing people who are not in the gym: if you’re not here, you’re not on my mind; if you are here, I’ll give you everything. So I wasn’t ringing him."

The difficult period he went through evidently benefited McGregor in the years that followed, with the Irishman becoming a UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion in a fight career that currently sees him boast a record of 22-6-0.

His family have played an important role in his journey, but that didn't stop the former Cage Warriors lightweight champion make a joke, whilst simultaneously boasting about his wealth, at his father's expense.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, The Notorious tweeted: "I was fighting in the good counsel gaa club in Drimnagh years and years ago, and on the morning of the fight me da said to me "if you lose this are you going to get a real job?"


"On the morning of.

"I'm gonna ring him and sack him."

McGregor's next tweet was a short and simple one, he simply said: "Da, you're sacked."


However, the Irishman was quick to bring his joke to a close in typical McGregor fashion.

"Ah go on da you're hired again and you can have the vacht. I've two new ones," he said.

It remains to be seem what prompted McGregor to post the tweets, but it can be expected that his dad - Tony - won't have taken it to heart.

With how successful the fighter has been, both in and out of the cage, he can be excused for poking fun at family members - especially considering the positive impact that they have played in his outstanding career.

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