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07th May 2021

Conor McGregor calls Floyd Mayweather ‘embarrassing’ for punching Jake Paul

Charlie Herbert

Hope the irony of this isn’t lost on anyone…

Don’t worry everyone, stop panicking! Conor McGregor has finally broken his silence on the Jake Paul x Floyd Mayweather scrap. I know it’s what you were all waiting for.

The ‘Notorious’ has called Mayweather “embarrassing” for attacking the YouTuber after he stole his hat at a press conference on Thursday.

Jake and Floyd squared up to each other at the press event in Miami promoting Logan Paul’s upcoming bout with ‘Money’ Mayweather in June. After initially starting as a verbal war, things escalating when Jake crossed the line – by nicking Mayweather’s cap and shouting “Gotcha hat” like a hyper 10 -year-old.

McGregor himself is no stranger to Jake Paul’s antics, but launched a no holds barred attack on former opponent Mayweather in a post on Instagram.

The UFC star called Mayweather “embarrassing” and said that “the world is watching this fight [against Logan Paul] on Twitter.”

The Irishman called for the boxer, who went 50-0 during his career, to “fight someone real, on your record, or fuck off mate.”

The irony is that McGregor himself fought Mayweather in a lucrative cross-promotion fight in 2017, and lost via knockout, in one of the great examples of a money-spinning event that for many brought the sport of boxing into disrepute.

The McGregor vs Mayweather was arguably the moment that started the trend of novelty fights between boxers and non/boxers. The YouTube boxer trend continues to rumble on, and when it creates events and interest like what we saw between Mayweather and Paul, who can blame them for lining their pockets with it.

Jake Paul has already pounced on the event, getting a tattoo to commemorate his handbags with Mayweather, and tweeting “Word on the street already is that Floyd is sending goons after me to try and kill me or hurt me. If I die……. I died for the hat.”

Oh and he’s also brought out some merch referencing the clash.

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