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27th May 2021

Carragher trolls Gary Neville after Man Utd Europa League defeat

Danny Jones

Jamie Carragher trolls Gary Neville after United Europa League loss

Carragher couldn’t resist

Man United fans will be trying their best to put last night’s Europa League defeat behind them but, as was to be expected, social media isn’t exactly helping.

Gary Neville took to Twitter to give his verdict on the Reds’ disappointing performance in Gdańsk and, like a well-timed train, Jamie Carragher arrived in the comments with the exact picture you’re thinking of.

Couldn’t resist could you, Carra? In fairness, the Monday Night Football hosts have made a habit of trolling each other back and forth and we’re all for it.

In fact, Carragher spent most of this morning ironically retweeting old clips from his counterparts feed following Liverpool defeats, or simply ones that hit the right comedic beat. You were asking for it, Gaz.

On a more serious note, Neville’s comments on United’s fluctuating performance levels and this latest let down being a “continuation of recent form” are all fair points. Though this current group of players are growing, when it comes to consistency and winning mentality, they’re still some way off from the serial winners of the 90s and 2000s.

To make matters worse, Carragher also spent time with one of those legends, Peter Schmeichel – a man who no doubt has some strong thoughts on what needs to change at United for them to start winning trophies again. Talk about salt in the wound.