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15th Oct 2019

Carl Frampton reveals his X Factor audition during training camp

Wayne Farry


A man of many talents

On the latest episode of TKO, together with 32Red, Chris Lloyd travelled to Manchester as Carl Frampton closes in on a return to the ring on November 30 in Las Vegas.

While there, Chris caught up with Carl and his training partner Steven Ward to discuss what life has been like since becoming the European light-heavyweight champion, and see how Carl is preparing for his first fight since his much-touted comeback against Emmanuel Dominguez was cancelled due to a freak hand injury.

As things stand, Carl is feeling fit as a fiddle and ready for his return to the ring – not a surprise, but what was slightly more surprising was revelation that he has auditioned for Celebrity X Factor.

Now, if you trawl through Twitter and search ‘Carl Frampton X Factor’, you’ll see that quite a few people have tipped the Belfast boxer to appear on the show over the years.

Clearly they knew something, because Carl revealed that he had actually been asked to appear on the show by its head honcho, record producer Simon Cowell.

“I was asked to go on Celebrity X Factor, and put my audition in,” said Frampton. “And Simon Cowell personally wanted me on. I swear to God. I had to go to LA and do a fake audition as if I was auditioning for the show.

“It’s starting next week, they asked me to go. And I just… I’m a boxer. I’m still a boxer. I can’t be going to signing competitions with Ricki Lake.”

Carl then proceeded to find the clip of his audition, before adding the caveat that he was driving when he done it, but assuring Chris that “it’s good”.

What follows is Carl cringing horribly while listening to himself sing I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye.

Have a watch yourself and see what you think.