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15th Dec 2016

The small print of Wes Morgan’s Captain Morgan rum sponsorship deal is extraordinary

Not such a rum deal...

Rob Burnett

Commercial sponsorship deals are usually the bane of modern professional athletes’ lives.

The trade off for the great big sacks of cash and tons of free stuff you get is that you are forced to turn up for long filming days for their adverts and plenty of tedious events, often involving the general public, where the brand will ‘leverage’ you to help promote their product.

For some of the richer sports people who have less need for as much money – such as top end Formula 1 drivers – the amount of time they have to spend on sponsorship duties has become one of the key points in their contract negotiations.

Signing such a deal is like making a deal with the devil: they want the money – and why shouldn’t they leverage their own fame to help earn more in their short careers? – but they know signing on the dotted line means giving up their time for the dreaded duties.

But for Leicester skipper Wes Morgan has just penned what he himself describes as “the best contract I’ve ever signed”.

Captain Morgan is representing the rum brand of the same name – and the stipulations of the contract include:

  • During the term, Wes Morgan shall be entitles to enter licensed premises and purchase a Captain & Cola beverage for each patron.


  • Prior to ordering the beverages from the outlet, Wes Morgan shall turn to face the patrons, extend his arms to form the shape of a “Y” and shout, “There’s only one Captain Morgan!”

Some wild times coming up in Leicester, folks…

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