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08th Aug 2023

British football fan hasn’t missed game for 49 years

Callum Boyle

Birmingham City

‘It’s become a bit of an obsession, I just follow them through thick and thin’

A Birmingham City fan has been declared as one of the country’s most loyal football fans after going almost 50 years without missing a game.

Rob Shannon, 64, has seen his beloved Birmingham City more than 2,300 times – home and away – in a row since a 3-2 win against Derby County in 1974.

The only games he has ever had to miss were due to severe illness or when the covid-19 pandemic stopped fans from attending games and the dad-of-two admitted that he has lost count of the amount of money he has spent on watching the Blues.

Shannon even cites his love for the club as the potential reason behind his divorce given that his former partner was an Aston Villa fan.

“My mum and dad took me down when I was a boy around the 62/63 season and I’ve loved going ever since. I was mascot for several years,” he said.

“I haven’t missed a game since 1974. The only thing that has stopped me going was the pandemic when obviously nobody could go.

“It’s become a bit of an obsession, I just follow them through thick and thin – although it’s been more like thin and thin.

“People say you must have seen all the ups and downs – and I joke it’s mostly downs for Blues.”

British football fan

While there have been hard times following the club, there have been some unforgettable memories.

” I got to see them lift a major trophy in 2011 which I think most Birmingham City fans never thought we’d see,” Shannon added.

“There have been some good times really but it has been a bad few years. Although the new owners sound like they really mean business and are very ambitious.

“Getting the likes of Tom Brady on board can only be a good thing so I think the future is bright and I certainly have no intentions of stopping.

“I’d resigned myself to the fact I would probably never see Blues in the Premier League again but hopefully we can get back there under these new owners.

“It’s the hope and anticipation that kills you though – but I guess that’s what being a football fan is all about.”

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