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12th Jul 2018

Brendan Schaub’s response to Dana White is simply astonishing

Well, that certainly escalated

Ben Kiely

Brendan Schaub sounds pretty pissed off at Dana White.

The beef between Dana White and Brendan Schaub has been unexpectedly rekindled. In the past, the two have clashed over the controversial Reebok deal, with the former UFC heavyweight being one of its most vocal critics. However, their rivalry has been stagnant for a while.

That is to say, it had been left dormant until rising middleweight Israel Adesanya decided to call out Schaub on Instagram. ‘The Last Style Bender’ took issue with point Schaub made on his Below the Belt podcast about kickboxers transitioning to MMA. In the clip, ‘Big Brown’ stated that the striking skills acquired in that discipline don’t necessarily translate to MMA.

Dana White spotted the video and proceeded to tear into Schaub in the comments. The UFC president called him a ‘moron’ an ‘idiot’ and even mocked his abilities as a fighter. Schaub responded in the comments, but this was a very tame effort compared to what came next.

Big Brown bites back

Schaub since fired back at White on Twitter. He started off by agreeing that Joe Rogan played a pivotal role in his success post-fighting. Then, he started attacking Dana as a businessman.

“HOWEVER, if it weren’t for the Fertittas loaning your ass millions of dollars to invest into an idea that wasn’t yours from the start you wouldn’t be SHIT. How’s it feel to know once the real businessmen/Brains left, the UFC has been a shell of itself with you at the forefront?”

“You’ve tried it all – CM Punk experiment, begging Brock to come back, and praying at night for a Conor text. Tough job to do without Lorenzo holding your hand making sure you don’t mess it all up. Can’t feel good. You’d be a cardio kickboxing coach in your 40s, hoping to grab a ticket to my stand up front row if Lorenzo Fertitta didn’t save your ass.”

Also, this is NO way Eskimo brothers should talk to one another. Last warning.”

To save you a googling, Urban dictionary defines Eskimo brother as: “Where you and your bros all inhibited the same igloo. You all sleep with the same girl.”

High drama!